This company was created to provide a service for those who want something special or unique.


I have been crafting since I was a child, having been taught to knit by my grandma in a bid to keep me quiet, ( it did not work! )


 All the products featured on this web site are handmade and not mass produced.

They are made without chemicals and using local products where ever possible.

All the soaps and bath products are SFS free, and have no additives.


Bespoke gift sets can be arranged for either a special occasion or a  new baby, or maybe to treat a new mum.


 Try a new idea for a gift, or a treat for yourself


All items can be bought via the web site and PayPal,

But as something different how about holding a gift party, a house party for friends and family so that they can buy gifts for  birthday’s , Christmas or a new arrival.

For every £150 purchased on the day the host will receive a 20% discount on any purchase and a free gift for holding the party,


Call 07717128288, or e-mail  to arrange a date.